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Particulate Matter Testing


Continuous particulate matter monitoring will provide evidence that the areas with specific particulate matter requirements continue to meet those requirements (day-to-day or month-to-month) while also providing a shorter reaction and mitigation time should a problem arise.

PharmaSys will provide:

  • Monthly particulate reports, per individual system

  • Particulate counting, performed in Bio-safety hoods in any lab setting 

  • Large scale particulate reports for multiple systems. 

  • Light Obscuration Tests, along with RH and Temp logging.

  • Testing Designed for ISO 21501-4 Compliance

  • Viable and Non-Viable particulate counting

Particulate monitoring is important for our customers with ISO grade classifications, among others: it ensures maintaining ISO classification and that day-to-day work processes do not alter or negatively affect these spaces.


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For decades PharmaSys has provided compliance and validation services to many world class companies. We can deliver that same world class service to you.

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